Valerie Kalfrin

Screenwriting, Script Analysis, and Consulting

I have a strong sense of story, thanks to years of tight deadlines. I also have an ear for dialogue and an instinct for cinematic writing. I’ve used these gifts in my own work—I wrote, produced, and directed the short film The Guardian (2011)—and as an emerging script consultant and story analyst.

Since 2011, I’ve met monthly with the Tampa Bay-area group Screenwriters of Tomorrow, where I’ve helped moderate constructive critiques and offered tips on structure, scene and character descriptions, and other elements. I also collaborate with individual writers regarding plot, pacing, characterization, and dialogue. I write coverage, and I’ve polished scripts as well.

I’m a member of the Florida Film Network (FFN), and I’ve lectured at screenwriting workshops sponsored by FFN and Sunscreen Film Festival, one of about two dozen festivals nationwide sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

I’ve also written about storytelling techniques for the Final Draft blog, The Script Lab, and other outlets.

Here are some of those clips: