Valerie Kalfrin

Tampa Bay Internet Cat Video Festival could be catnip to animal lovers


Henri, Le Chat Noir / Courtesy of YouTube


The watch-and-share phenomenon of online cat videos comes to a live audience on Saturday in an event that aims to be the cat’s pajamas for animal lovers.

The inaugural Tampa Bay Internet Cat Video Festival debuts on Saturday at ARTpool Gallery to promote SPCA Tampa Bay. The festivities include animal-themed art on display, performances by acrobats dressed as cats and a fashion show with animal prints and adoptable pets on the catwalk.

“The entire event will be an exciting collaboration for the community with lots of great art; quirky, fun fashion; the movie premiere; and an awesome time for all ages to learn about and celebrate the animal kingdom,” said Marina Williams, owner and curator of the gallery at 2030 Central Ave.

I’ve been to Marina’s fun and funky gallery for art parties in the past. This one will include a 70-minute video reel curated by Seattle filmmaker Will Braden and including one of his black-and-white videos featuring Henri, Le Chat Noir, a cat of existential musings and a YouTube hit.

Learn more about the festival in my story in the Tampa Tribune today or online here.